LOOK: Boy Photographed Studying On Cebu Skywalk

CEBU CITY — A photograph of a boy studying on the floor of a Fuente Osmeña skywalk has touched the hearts of netizens. Photographer Emilio Migallen was taking the skywalk when he saw a boy lying on the floor with his school bag and seemed to be studying.

Migallen was taken aback by the boy’s dedication and perseverance so he took photos of the boy and uploaded it on his Facebook page, The Conscious Shutter, in the hopes that it may serve as an inspiration to others as well. “I posted it on my Facebook page, The Conscious Shutter, since I love taking photographs, especially when I see emotions [like] the effort that the child was [showing],” he said.

Migallen hopes that the boy will get help and support from netizens after his post went viral, saying, “I hope mahimo ning instrument para ma tabangan ang bata.” They weren’t able to ask what the boy’s name was but a zoomed photograph revealed that the boy kept writing “Rajon Rey P. Sabijon.” “When I was editing the picture, I zoomed in on his notebook. I saw that he was writing his name, Rajon Rey P. Sabijon,” said Migallen.

(Photos courtesy of The Conscious Shutter)

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