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Lopez, Environmentalist, dies at 65 from Brain Cancer.

Manila, Philippines — Regina Paz “Gina” La’ O Lopez dies on August 19, 2019. She was a Filipino environmentalist and philanthropist who furnished as the Chairperson of the Pasig River Rehabilitation Commission. She dealt as Secretary of the Philippines’ Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) in an ad provisional basis under the Duterte Administration. She was also a yoga missioner and a founder for corporate social responsibility.

On May 3, 2017, the Commission on Appointments orderly dropped her appointment as environment secretary. She is the second member of President Rodrigo Duterte’s cabinet to be jilted by the Commission on Appointments next to former Department of Foreign Affairs Secretary Perfecto Yasay.

A television company stated that “Gina was the mast of courage that launched AFI to attain what seemed to be absurd. Her watchful heart and charitable kind of love encouraged people within and above the movement to support and help others,”

In a different statement, the AFI said that there will be a public ceremony service for Lopez at the La Mesa Eco Park in Quezon City this upcoming Aug. 22 and 23, from 9am to 9pm.

Lopez had blatantly shared her battle with brain cancer. In her newspaper column on October 2017, she said she was first recognized with breast cancer years ago, which she said was medicated through organic aid. But, in June, she told a friend that she was enduring alternatives of medication to heal her illness, which apparently develop to her brain.

Even while under the medication, Lopez asserted her interest about the hazards caused by mining to the environment. In a post that appeared in August on her social media account, she said, “I am lying down having an infusion of 27000 IU of vitamin C for my immune system and feeling the healing of a LENYO mat for my health crisis and browsing through videos and I come across this and I remember my DENR days – and how painful it all was… I really do sincerely hope something can be done about the destruction that mining brings on.”

In the post, Lopez affixed a video from 2017 depicting the cautions brought by mining.


Written by: BJ Suzara

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