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Giant Mosquito Photographed by Argentinian

CORDOBA, Argentina – An Argentinian has posted a photo of an oversized mosquito that flew into his home. A horrified Ezequiel Lobo posted the photo on social media after his mother killed it with bug spray. To make things even more terrifying, he placed a regular-sized mosquito next to the mega mosquito for comparison.

His post read, “’Look at the size of the mosquito that just came in through my window. He came in like a champion, my mother panicked and sprayed it with Raid. I haven’t found anything similar online. Either it’s Chernobyl’s new evolution or I just found out that I am in Jumanji.”

One user was quick to point out that the regular-sized mosquito carries and can transmit diseases. “The small one on the right side is aedes aegypti and it can transmit Dengue fever, Yellow fever and Zika,” the comment read.

“The enormous one on the left is psorophora ciliata, and it cannot cause anything like that,” it added.

Do you think this could be real?

Photo courtesy of Ezequiel Lobo.

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