Vigilante-style Killing In Talisay City On The Rise (WARNING: Graphic Images)

After a man was found dead hanging from a bridge along the Cebu South Coastal Road last Monday, another person who is yet to be identified was found dead tied to a lamp post with his faced taped. Both victims had a placard made of cardboard placed on them with writings about their crimes – a signature unique to that of the Davao Death Squad (DDS).

The dead body was found in Sitio Bogo, Barangay Campo 4 of Talisay City, Cebu in the morning of July 26, Friday. Found on him was a cardboard placard with writings that read “Undang na lage mo ug dili gani kamo na isunod tulisan, drug pusher og killer/druglords.” The man is still unidentified as authorities start their investigation into this gruesome killing.

This is the third person killed in Talisay City just this week. Last Thursday, a man who was said to have been linked to a drug syndicate was found dead at Sitio Ilang-Ilang, Barangay Lagtang.

[WARNING: Graphic Images] Photos courtesy of Florelyn Navaja


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