More Infra for Cebu Priority for 2020: Gov Garcia

CEBU CITY, Philippines — Governor Gwendolyn Garcia eyes more roads, bridges, and other infrastructure projects for the barangays as a priority for 2020. The Capitol will present its investment plan for 2020 to the Committee on Budget Appropriations this Saturday, September 21. This plan echoes the Duterte administration’s campaign promise of more infrastructure.

“I am following the direction of the President. We have to build, build, build. We must take care of our basic infrastructure first if we wish for economic development. We must have good roads, good bridges, level 3 water systems. We will assist the barangays in their need for covered courts as these will serve as evacuation centers in times of calamities,” Garcia said.

Provincial offices were given orders to use the 2019 actual expenditure as their basis for their 2020 budget proposals in line with the preparation of the budget. “As I’ve said, we will direct our resources in things which I believe will benefit more people,” Garcia said.

The 2019 Annual Investment Plan was supplemented with an additional of Php-1.3 billion on top of the Php-4.6 billion already passed. Of the Php-1.3 billion, approximately Php800 million will go to infrastructure projects.

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