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Male Teens from Cebu Univs Sexually Molest Drunk Girl, Posts Video on Social Media

CEBU CITY, Philippines — A video has been making the rounds on social media showing four male senior high school students from different schools in Cebu sexually molesting a girl inside a car. The victim is believed to have passed out from intoxication and is also a minor. The said incident was recorded and shared on the Instagram account of one of the perpetrators. He has since deleted the video but not before others were able to take a screen recording of it and shared it on Twitter and Facebook.

Netizens then called them out with most saying they should be jailed even if they are still minors. They also encourage people to stop sharing the said video to protect the victim from further harm and instead report the account who shared it so that the video would be taken down. (Update: the account associated with the video has since been deactivated).

Based on insider knowledge, the perpetrators are from the University of Cebu, University of San Carlos, and Southwestern University. Schoolmates of the suspects also share that there is already an ongoing investigation and that no sanctions have been imposed on them as of this writing.

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