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Pet Dog of COVID-19 Patient Tested “Weak Positive” with the Virus

HONG KONG – Hong Kong’s agricultural and fisheries department said that the pet dog of a coronavirus patient has tested “weak positive” for COVID-19. In a statement released on Friday, Feb. 28, the Hong Kong government said it will continue to conduct tests on the dog to find out if it is indeed infected with the virus or if it is just contaminated from its surroundings.

The dog is currently quarantined at an animal facility and is under observation. They did not disclose the patient’s name nor the dog’s breed. The department also advised pet owners who are positive for COVID-19 to also have their pets quarantined and be put under observation.

It is not yet known if the coronavirus can spread from humans to pets. Experts believe that the virus came from bats but say that there is currently no evidence that the spread can come from pets.

COVID-19 has so far killed 2,800 people and infected over 82,000 others.

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