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Azul Owner Apologizes for Trademark Issue

CEBU CITY, Philippines – After receiving flak from netizens, Azul owner Ian Sekong has now apologized to barangays Pasil and Suba for “stepping on their culture.” Azul was the target of much uproar from Cebuanos online after it posted a notice on their official Facebook post saying that they are the owners of the phrase “tuslob buwa” after applying for its trademark at the Intellectual Property Office of the Philippines (IPOPHIL).

“This word, phrase, or logo [Tuslob Buwa] is exclusively owned by Azul with registration no. 4/2014/00008620,” the notice read. Based on the registration number, Azul has filed for its trademark back in 2014. “Any unauthorized use of this word, phrase, or logo is against the law. A friendly reminder from Azul Tuslob Buwa,” the notice stated.

Tuslob buwa originated in barangay Pasil and has been a staple for its community.

After returning to Cebu, Sekong issued the apology and says he will return the phrase “tuslob buwa” to its rightful owners – the people of Pasil and Suba.

“Mangayo kog pasensya sa Barangay Pasil ug Suba nga natumban ang ilang kultuta. Willing kaayo ko nga ibalik sa ilaha ang ngalan nga Tuslob Buwa,” said Sekong.

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